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23 Tribes

Handcrafted Leather Goods

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“There is no good in a people who do not make their own clothes and grow their own food. ” Ali (may God be pleased with him) Angelique Monae is a maker and a merchant. She engages in creating hand crafted – one of a kind – leather goods. This project is in its infancy. The intention is to firmly establish 23 Tribes as a legitimate entity. Basic materials and tools are needed for this establishment. Once a fluid flow of this organization is in place (God willing), Monae would like to put this practice in place on a larger scale. That would begin with teaching workshops twice monthly on a national level. She envisions entering our communities and encouraging the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship in the young minds of the future generations – teaching them how to create practical goods, including footwear, archery gear, heirloom Hajj belts, etc. Her intention is to demonstrate and reclaim masterful skill-sets and create heirloom quality products, in an attempt to keep things out of the disposal cycle. Monae chooses raw materials with that in mind and in heart.

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The ultimate intention is to revive the First Peoples traditional method of passing practical crafts from generation to generation – creating ethical and sustainable methods in merchandise in addition to practicing the Sunna of the Prophet (upon whom be peace) in becoming noble merchants in today’s culture. We are walking the way of our ancestors into the future. This is the moccasin mentality.