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The Story of Muhammad

Music and Children's Books

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This is the first children’s book application and ebook about the life of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s blessings and peace be upon him. “The Story of Muhammad” is a children’s book based completely on Quran and Hadith. Written as a “story within a story,” the essential Prophetic mission is captured during story hour by a mother cat to her three darling kittens. As such, children as young as age 4 will find this book delightfully appealing, God willing. Adults will likewise appreciate the many teachable moments. The book is filled with stunning illustrations (that are sensitive to Islamic proscriptions) and a bonus: “An Islamic Lullaby,” by David Dakake.

More Info

Author Alexis York Lumbard (though some of you may know her as Rabiah) feels we need to reach children where they are. Children love music and they are also growing up reading more and more digital books. However, at the same time, there are very few quality resources for Muslim children regarding literature and music. This project will help contribute to both areas. Such resources are culturally imperative if we desire to raise our kids in a way that is contemporary yet true to the spirit of Islam and the substance of our deen. “The Story of Muhammad” was successfully funded through generous donors on and is now looking for additional funds to support the music behind the application.