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Last Rite

Visual Art

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Last Rite is a multi-disciplinary visual art project whose narrative pivots between Malcolm X’s pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 (the fulfillment of his last religious duty) and his Islamic funeral rites – the final ritual regarding his physical presence on earth.

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Aesthetically the project utilizes both geometrical abstract images to delve into the ritual processes of both events, paying particular attention to their relationships to forms found in sacred geometry, minimalism, classical and Islamic astronomy. It puts into dialogue text from Malcolm X’s hajj journal, the Iranian revolutionary, and sociologist Ali Shariati’s memorable reflections on the symbolism of the hajj as written in his book Hajj published in 1977. The objective is to present Malcolm X in this work within the context of a globalized experience that expands beyond Black identity and connects the African American Civil Rights struggle to other international struggles.