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Re-Made Men

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Re-Made Men is the story of a dedicated ex-offender and his mission to benefit the lives of Muslim converts transitioning out of incarceration by transforming them into community leaders. The film follows Rafi Peterson who dedicates his life to running a unique transitional program for Muslim ex-offenders leaving prison. Deemed "Project Restore," this unique undertaking converts foreclosed and vandalized properties in Southside Chicago into vibrant, environmentally sound (green) transition housing for incarcerated individuals reentering society while providing job skills to those same men.

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Re-Made Men documents the culture of Muslim prisoners and ex-offenders whose new found faith was developed in captivity while exploring the reasons why a staggering 17-20% of prison inmates are Muslim. Through the exceptional efforts and inspirational leadership of Project Restore's Rafi, Hassan, and Amir, new members of the program are given a solid foundation to stand and a fertile environment to re-build their lives outside of prison.